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About the Author: James Kaster

My credentials are simple. I'm a life-long avid automotive enthusiast, small collector, experienced with restorations, skilled part locator, and just a bit absent-minded. It's that last point that compels me to write these books. While I store a lot of auto trivia in my brain, there's just too much detail that no one person can remember. So, it was only natural for me to compile that information into these books.

I'm not a negative critic. I can find something to appreciate in any vehicle. Therefore, I present the facts, stats, and quotes from manufacturers with no personal bias nor personal comments. In the opening overview, I discuss the characteristics and criteria that leads to the inclusion of automobiles in the books. It's a simple approach that allows my readers to draw their own conclusions about the cars. With the hundreds and thousands of pictures, these books enable car lovers to compare and contrast makes, models, and yearly changes.